Fruit bowls: our pick of the bunch

Whether you keep your fruit bowl well stocked or have one just for decoration, there are myriad charming pieces to take bite out of now

An end of summer sadness always seems to hang in the air at this time of year. As the heat fades, things become slightly reminiscent of the last pages of The Great Gatsby, where the titular character floats alone in an eerie pool full of fallen autumn leaves. However, there is a simple way to counter these blues; a new purchase for your house, or the rejuvenation of a too well lived in space can do just the trick. It needn't be something large – like a new bed frame or corner sofa – just something small that's designed to delight and tide you over to the new season in good spirits.

The perfect item for this, we proffer, is the humble fruit bowl. Whether it is full to the hilt of ripe fruit, or serving as the backdrop to a single apple, a colourful fruit bowl is just the ticket to livening up a table, countertop or kitchen side. Chosen well, it should put a smile on your face each and every time you walk past it.

If you're not keen to maintain your new fruit bowl's filling, why not try stuffing it to the brim with murano glass fruit decorations à la Sandra Barrio Von Hurter? We particularly like Sophie Conran's glass fruit ornaments which can be repurposed as Christmas baubles come the season. Scroll on to see our selection of the most joy inducing fruit bowls to buy now.

Best fruit bowls to buy now

Astier de Villatte Simple Small Fruit Bowl

Bistro Tile Berry Basket

Romanian Horezu Fruit Bowl

Yibi Bowl, blue and white

Terracotta Basket

Boyacá Scalloped Woven Bowl

Dinosaur Designs Earth Medium Marbled Resin Serving Bowl

Longpi Fruit Bowl

Raawii Strøm Large Blue Earthenware Fruit Bowl

Jasper Stone Bowl, ochre