17 best duvets for a great night's sleep

There's not much more unpleasant than a lumpy, thin duvet but with our handy edit, that will be a thing of the past

For most people, their bed is their sanctuary and there are a few key elements that play into the creation of that. You'll need an excellent set of pillows, some wonderful bedding, a supportive mattress and, of course, the best duvet possible. The latter needs to be something that you can snuggle up under during winter nights but also something that will prevent you from overheating in the summer. Of course, it's a lovely idea that you might have a separate best summer duvet and winter duvet but the average household simply won't have the storage capacity for this. As such, the best duvet will be one that can do both.

With sleep experts suggesting your duvet should be replaced once every five years (google dust mites if you are curious why), there really is no better time to invest in the perfect duvet. That said, five years is the recommended average and some more expensive, high quality, machine washable duvets will last much longer.

But what makes the best duvet? With wool duvets, microfibre duvets, Hungarian goose down duvets, natural duvets and temperature regulating duvets all vying for space in the already saturated bedding market, it can be hard to know where to turn. In the name of figuring out what type reigns supreme (and, frankly, what all those terms mean), we have compiled an edit of the very best luxury duvets.

The best duvet - quick links

  1. Best duvet for staving off the cold and keeping cosy - Hungarian Goose Down Duvet, £155 from The White Company. FIND OUT MORE or SHOP NOW
  2. Best year-round duvet - Hybrid Duvet, £139 from Simba Sleep. FIND OUT MORE or SHOP NOW.
  3. Best duvet for eco conscious - Panda Cloud Duvet, £129.95 from Panda London. FIND OUT MORE or SHOP NOW.
  4. Best duvet bedtime buy - Marlowe Goose Down Duvet, £419 from Brook + Wilde. FIND OUT MORE or SHOP NOW.

What is a tog rating?

We'll start with the basics. A duvet tog rating is how the thermal resistance, or warmth, of a duvet is measured. The higher the number, the warmer the duvet and the scale runs from one to 18. Within our edit, we've found the best duvets for every tog rating.

What is the best duvet to buy?

The White Company's Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

This is a very broad question as your duvet is so personal to your sleeping habits. However, we are willing to bet that anyone who loves the drape and hang of a down duvet will be pleased as punch with The White Company's Hungarian Goose Down Duvet. It's filled with 80% super soft goose down and 20% goose feather, making it breathable and lightweight. 

  • Size: single, double, king, super king
  • Material: 329-thread-count cotton jacquard
  • Filling: 90% Hungarian goose down, 10% Hungarian goose feather
  • TOG Rating: 4.5 or 10.5

Why we love it: What makes it extra special though, is that it's covered in 329 thread count cotton percale and top stitched with a box construction to keep the down evenly distributed throughout the night. With all of that, you barely need a duvet cover. What's more, it is available in two different togs - 10.5 and 4.5, so you simply need to decide which is best for you.

What we don't love: Whilst the duvet can be machine washed and tumble dried, it still takes a long time to wash and dry this duvet. Dry cleaning is recommended, so bear in mind you'll need to spend on that if you don't have much laundry time. 

Hungarian Goose-Down Duvet - 4.5 tog

Hungarian Goose-Down Duvet - 10.5 tog

What is the best all season duvet?

Marlowe Goose Down Duvet

A mid range tog duvet, like the Marlowe Goose Down Duvet from Brook + Wilde, should be just right year around. It's one of the best goose down duvets we've seen but if you get chilly in winter months, you can always pile your bed high with eiderdowns, quilts and blankets.

  • Size: single, double, king, super king
  • Material: 100% down-proof Egyptian cotton casing
  • Filling: 90% new white Hungarian goose down
  • TOG Rating: 10.5

Why we love it: Quilted pockets mean the feathers don't move around at night, making for a much more even coverage. Even better, the duvet is bordered with press studs that allow you to clip another duvet to it, doubling the thickness.

What we don't love: No trial and no guarantee means that ordering this duvet might feel like a bit of a shot in the dark. It's received raving reviews online, but if you're particularly fussy, that might be a deal breaker. Delivery also isn't the quickest around, but we are certain it is worth the wait.

The Marlowe Goose Down Duvet

John Lewis 3-in-1 Duvet

John Lewis's 3-in-1 duvet is also a fantastic option. It features two duvets of varying togs, that can be used on their own or clipped together to provide more or less warmth depending on the time of year. Perfect for the upcoming summer months! 

  • Size: single, double, king, super king
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Filling: 90% duck down 10% duck feather
  • TOG Rating: 4.5, 9 and 13.5

Why we love it: This duvet has been crafted to be suitable for machine washing at 40°C, making it easy to have on standby in spare bedrooms or kids rooms.

What we don't love: Understandably, juggling all those layers is a little frustrating. It seems like an ingenious way to adapt to the changing seasons, but would you really remove and add layers of duvet each time you wash it? Customers are also saying this duvet can be a little noisy.

Natural Duck Down 3-in-1 Duvet

What's the best duvet for hot sleepers?

The best type of duvet for hot sleepers to use would be a temperature regulating duvet, or alternatively, using a summer duvet year round should do the trick. We'd opt for a lower tog, something around 4.5 or 5 tog. 

Simba Sleep The Simba Hybrid Duvet 

The Hybrid Duvet by Simba Sleep is a high-tech duvet that uses ‘stratos’ fabric – a fabric designed by NASA to help regulate body temperature – so it's a really premium quality duvet. The side made from their patented ‘stratos’ fabric, feels a little stiffer than the cotton side when newly in use, but it loosens up after a few night.

Sizes: single, double, king, super king
Material: ‘Stratos’ fabric on one side, cotton on the other
Filling: ‘Simba Renew’ filling made from recycled PET bottles
TOG rating: 10.5

Why we love it: Simba's temperature regulation is particularly impressive, with smart fabric designed to cool. The icing on the cake is that it can be machine washed and tumble-dried, so it's genuinely easy to clean.

What we don't love: There's a lot of jargon to contend with on Simba's website which, ultimately, distracts from what is a great product. Our only other issue is that Simba only have one tog option for this duvet.

Hybrid Duvet with Stratos

What is the best sustainable or bamboo duvet?

Panda London Cloud Duvet

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable materials you can opt for in a duvet. It uses less water than cotton and produces more oxygen, all while absorbing more C02 than hardwood trees. The leader of the bamboo pack is the Panda Cloud Duvet–a hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking and antibacterial pick that is perfect  for everyday use. If you're looking for something that has all the characteristics of down without the environmental footprint, this is the best duvet for you.

Sizes: single, double, king, super king
Material: 100% bamboo
Filling: 50% bamboo, 50% nano-microfibre made from recycled water bottles
TOG rating: 10.5

Why we love it: The best anti-allergy duvet on our list. This sustainable pick is mostly made from bamboo, a material that helps to wick away moisture whilst stopping allergens in their tracks. Even better, this duvet is vegan friendly too.

What we don't love: This duvet is on the more lightweight end of the scale, meaning those who feel the cold might not find this duvet the cosiest pick.

John Lewis EarthKind Reclaimed Natural Down Duvet

John Lewis's EarthKind™ Reclaimed Natural Down Duvet is filled with, as the title suggests, pre-loved down and feather. This is a brilliant option for those concerned with decreasing amount of natural resources, and reduces the amount of material unnecessarily headed for landfill.

Sizes: single, double, king, super king
Material: 100% cotton
Filling: 70% recycled down, 30% recycled feather
TOG rating: 4.5

Why we love it: This duvet's reclaimed filling is surprisingly silent, making for a very quiet night's sleep.

What we don't love: There have been some complaints of ‘off-gassing’ smells where these duvets are concerned. However, it doesn't seem to be anything that a few days airing can't fix.

EarthKind Reclaimed Natural Down Duvet, 4.5 Tog, double

What is the best duvet from a quality perspective?

You can broadly break down duvet quality by filling. Natural fillings are more expensive than synthetic, though they last longer and feel much more luxurious. There are four basic types: down filling and feather duvets, wool duvets, silk duvets and synthetic duvets. 

What are the different types of duvet filling?

Silk duvets

At the most premium end of the scale are silk duvets, these are luxurious options, but silk is one of the best duvet fillings for temperature regulation.

If you're hunting for something a little more luxurious than a temperature regulating duvet, we recommend looking for a silk duvet, which will have a little more breathability and prevent overheating. Thanks to its naturally aerated quality, silk is one of the best duvet materials for hot sleepers. 

 Our favourite example is The White Company's Eiderdown Duvet. Yes, it comes with a slightly ludicrous price tag but if you want a made to order, super soft, temperature regulating duvet that comes with a 10 year guarantee, this is the ultimate piece.

Silk duvets are hypoallergenic, breathable and durable, so they're a great choice for allergy sufferers and hot sleepers alike. John Lewis do a brilliant, more affordable silk duvet (the Natural Collection Mulberry Silk Duvet) which we highly recommend. It feels luxurious and acts like a much more expensive piece.

Eiderdown Duvet, made to order

Natural Collection Mulberry Silk Duvet

Feather and down duvets

Feather and down duvets are probably the most popular type of duvet as they feel deliciously puffy and cloud-like to sleep on, whilst keeping you nice and toasty.  The best feather duvets will have a higher percentage of down than feather and will feel lightweight, while on the contrary, something with a more concentrated feather filling will be denser.

One of our favourites is Soak and Sleep's 100% Canadian Goose Down Duvet which is offered with a flexible tog range between 4.5 and 18. Alternatively, the supremely popular bedding retailer Dusk have a fantastic Goose Feather & Down Duvet which is filled with 15% goose down and 85% goose feather for a really cosy sleep. This comes in 4.5 tog, 9 tog and 13.5 tog, as well as the ‘all-seasons’ option of a 4.5 and 9 tog duvet fastened together.

Goose Feather & Down Duvet Collection

100% Canadian Goose Down Duvet

Wool duvets

Wool duvets are another great hypoallergenic option and one of the most popular natural duvet fillings. They're anti-allergy, sustainable and recyclable, so they are kind to you and the planet alike. The added bonus is that, because they retain air so well, they help you regulate your body temperature better, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Soak and Sleep's wool duvet is our top pick in this category, with its 100% New Zealand Mitchell wool filling. It's machine washable and, in the winter, it can be clipped together with other Soak and Sleep duvets for extra plumpness. Dusk's Wool Duvet is also one of the best wool duvets we've seen and, at just £65, you will certainly get your money's worth.

100% New Zealand Mitchell Wool Duvet

100% Wool Duvet Collection

Synthetic duvets

Finally, synthetic duvets. These are filled with materials like microfibre, nano-microfibre or hollowfibre (hollowfibre fillings are the most common here), which act similarly to feather duvets, mimicking their properties without the price tag. The best part about these down alternative duvets is that they're quick and easy to wash in the washing machine. We think Dusk's Feels Like Down duvet is the winner in this category, as it offers all the luxury of down but without the feathers. Instead, it's filled with light microfibre and covered in super breathable 100% cotton percale. For the smallest price tag, Marks and Spencer's Supremely Washable Duvet is the best you'll find. This would be a great pick for a spare room given its ease-of-washing status.

Feels Like Down All Seasons Duvet

Synthetic Soft Touch Washable Duvet

Supremely Washable Duvet

What size duvet is best for me?

Most duvets come in a standard double. However, if you’re ready to upgrade to a new duvet, you should consider rethinking the size as well as the tog rating and filling. Naturally, a king size bed will require a king size duvet, a super king bed will require a super king duvet and so on. However, if you share a double bed with your partner, you might want to think about sizing up, so there’s more duvet to go around. Single duvets are good for children and, of course, single beds, though double duvets do have quite a luxurious feel when sleeping on a single.

What’s a good duvet brand?

If you’ve made it here and still haven’t found something quite right, we recommend heading to any one of the brands mentioned here and shopping around. There are two categories within this list: furniture shops that sell bedding, and dedicated bedding retailers. In the first category there are brands such as, The White Company and John Lewis. In the second, there are retailers such as SilentNight, Slumberdown, Simba Sleep, Dusk, Soak and Sleep, Panda London and Brook + Wilde. Most of the latter can be purchased on Amazon which is a great method for speedy delivery.

Other duvets we love

Soak and Sleep 100% Cotton Duvet

100% Cotton Duvet

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